“Critical Success Factors” for a Whole Person Care (WPC) Pilot

Creating an effective Whole Person Care (WPC) Pilot is a complex undertaking. It requires the development of a new framework of care that produces measureable improvements in health outcomes and effective resource utilization. This new care framework requires collaboration across multiple public and private entities that today frequently operate independently and to jointly integrate and coordinate services (health, behavioral health and social) for high-risk populations.

Broad, multi-stakeholder, care delivery transformation projects inherently have many challenges and it is helpful to have guidance identifying those challenges up front so that they can be addressed during project planning instead of when they become a critical implementation issue. Some of the challenges applicable to WPC include coordination of care and data sharing effectively across multiple entities, integration of non-traditional medical services, budget and risk management associated with payments tied to outcomes, stakeholder engagement, partner capability gaps, inadequate project and intervention definition, and insufficient project resources.

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