Health Plans and Providers Choose T2C for CRM System Selection and Implementation

Top Tier Consulting has been working with clients for over a decade on system selection and evaluation.


Top Tier Consulting has worked with health plans around the country to identify new platforms for core business functions and to define and develop cost-benefit analyses for implementation of the new technology. T2C has supported many of our clients in pursuit of expanding their application suite to include new technology platforms. We have worked with various BCBS plans, Managed Medicaid plans, Medicare Advantage plans, and a behavioral physician network contracting with a state Medicaid plan. We are knowledgeable in a variety of markets and can assist with all phases of system selection and, in turn, implementation.


Due to our extensive experience in this area, T2C has helped our clients overcome all levels and degrees of challenges. Some of these include defining and documenting requirements, choosing the right vendor(s), evaluating current infrastructure, learning to ask the right questions during vendor demonstrations, business case development, implementation risk assessments, vendor negotiations and contracting, and post-production support, among others.


T2C facilitates the necessary conversations to create a case for investment and can help every step of the way. We have helped our clients identify new platforms for sales/quoting, enrollment, billing, production definition, provider contracting, claims processing, encounter submissions, care management and customer service. We work with client staff to define cost-benefit analysis to support the necessary investments. Once the decision has been made to move forward with an investment, we can help define functional and technology requirements and develop a list of candidate vendors that will best support organizational requirements. We then can work with clients to issue an RFI, help evaluate responses, and make recommendations regarding who to include when issuing an RFP. T2C can define scenarios and scripts for vendor demonstrations, focusing on differentiating and critical functions and help facilitate these scripted demonstrations for client leadership and staff. Our program and project management experts will help assess implementation plans and vendor risks, and our experienced procurement staff helps support vendor negotiations and contracting, to ensure the client’s needs are met and supported through post-production phases.


We pride ourselves on taking the client on the journey with us, ensuring that we are meeting their needs every step of the way. We conduct our thorough due-diligence to support the selected vendor and associated investment and will work with your team to create buy-in across all necessary stakeholders for the identified vendor and implementation plans. In turn, T2C assists clients with business case development, technology savings assessments, productivity increases, and reductions in call handle time, among other things. We can provide both business and technology resources to ensure staffing model(s) are comprehensive and will work collaboratively with your organization through post-production support and software optimization.