Managed Care Plan Defines a Roadmap for Future Capital Growth

T2C developed a 5-year strategic roadmap to guide the future of a client’s IT organization.


A managed Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plan engaged T2C to assess its systems portfolio and evaluate the effectiveness of current processes, the organizational application suite (including claims, care management, workflow, contact center, enrollment, billing and financials), and organizational structure. To support current needs and future growth, T2C worked with the client to develop a roadmap to guide investments over a five-year horizon.


Thorough evaluation of an application suite also involves analysis of staffing models. By interviewing operations and technology leaders, evaluating the strengths and weakness and total cost of ownership (TCO) of current platforms, evaluating IT skill sets and support models for core applications, and evaluating alternative application strategies, T2C provided recommendations not only on the information systems themselves but the IT organization and its structure and staff.


T2C worked with the client to develop a four-year organizational roadmap to inform capital investment. The roadmap included alternative application strategies like enterprise solutions, best of breed and/or a hybrid approach. The roadmap also incorporated an evaluation of alternative migration strategies from the current application portfolio to the target future state vision, as well as a proposed staffing model to help execute the roadmap.


Creation of the roadmap helped foster buy-in amongst senior leadership and middle management, which facilitated a more seamless kick-off to its execution. T2C also identified changes to the IT organization and helped the client optimize its IT staff in order to achieve the roadmap.