T2C Team

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you what makes Top Tier Consulting special is its people. We thought we would let you meet some of them and see what they had to say about working at Top Tier Consulting.

Kekai, Senior Manager

“Having senior leaders who can draw on their wealth of knowledge and experiences with the big four but take a personal approach to achieving client results sets the bar high for the firm.”

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Neloofar, Manager

“Connect, Innovate, Excel is our secret sauce.”

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Tracy, Director

“T2C is a tight-knit, supportive and collaborative environment. The firm places a high-value on their employees’ careers and provides the support that is needed to achieve an optimal work-life balance.”

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Tim, Consultant

“T2C has a culture that cannot be simply replicated. At T2C, the leaders of our firm always encourage us to grow, develop, and hone our skills so that we can become the future leaders of the consulting industry.”

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Debbie, Manager

“The people of T2C bring diverse backgrounds and experiences to the workplace that enrich the environment, the quality of work and the firm’s network.”

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Emily, Consultant

The level of mentorship and hands on experience that you get from day one is unparalleled. You are given a great amount of responsibility with just enough of a guiding hand and support to ensure success without sacrificing any challenge or opportunity to learn.

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Sana, Manager

“T2C is hands down the most collegial environment I’ve had the opportunity to work in.”

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Ross, Director

“I have a passion for working with world class clients and the best people. That’s what we have at T2C. ”

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