Why Join T2C?

Discover if T2C is right for you.

Working at T2C is an experience, not a job. Looking for a fast growing company where you get to work with premier health care clients and solve some of the most complex issues facing the industry? Welcome to T2C. As part of our growing team you will help set new standards in healthcare consulting from day one.

For us, the right candidates come from many points in their careers from college students to experienced senior practitioners. We hire experienced professionals from consulting and from within the industry. We hire talented staff seeking long-term careers as well as those interested in short-term project specific work. For those interested in project specific work, Top Tier Consulting maintains a growing network of highly experienced and talented practitioners with whom we regularly work.

We recruit promising candidates who are in college, graduate school or MBA programs. We recruit on-campus as well as accept direct submissions from applicants who do not attend programs where we recruit on-campus. In addition, we hire outstanding people to add to our exceptional administrative support team.

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