Digital Strategy

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Our Perspective

Digital strategy for healthcare is a new delivery method that coordinates and communicates activities and information for patients and providers across the care continuum. It addresses the traditional limitations of the brick-and-mortar model by leveraging new media and social channels to focus on the transparent and efficient flow of information and services to critical decision-making parties. With the exponential rise in costs and the ever-increasing pressure to improve outcomes, healthcare organizations are finding that the traditional processes and procedures of care delivery fall short of meeting expectations. Moreover, the landscape is dramatically shifting: patients are now consumers and their expectations and level of engagement with healthcare organizations are becoming more complex. In order to better serve their consumer populations, healthcare organizations need to reengineer internal processes and procedures and embrace new technologies in order to both understand and better serve all stakeholders in the care continuum.

The influence of technology and changing consumer behaviors will continue to shape the landscape of healthcare moving forward. The rise of digital and social media channels give organizations new ways to engage consumers while the evolving regulatory environment has left many weary of change. As cost reduction remains a priority, healthcare companies are investing in digital platforms that can automate and customize information allowing for a personalized user experience at the lowest unit cost. Organizations are looking to acquire and retain customers by offering robust capabilities and translational functionalities across primary interaction points. These trends include:

  • Leveraging new technologies to improve patient care by investing in real-time monitoring devices
  • Implementing digital analytic capabilities leading to new and highly personalized care pathways
  • Creating data for digital platforms providing a real time pulse of the organization

The T2C Difference

T2C can help healthcare organizations distinguish themselves in the market by developing integrated and cross-functional digital capabilities and deploying them in order to meet their target stakeholders’ evolving needs. Since digital strategy is heavily influenced by current and future expectations of users, it must constantly be updated to reflect changes in society and technology.

We have deep experience in helping organizations develop a dynamic and nimble digital strategy that fits within a larger IT context for the organization. We are constantly surveying the market to keep our clients abreast in the latest digital strategy developments in the areas of cloud, social and mobile technology. Once we have defined a strategy, we can help organizations build the tools and technologies to gauge the target customers and key constituent groups, allowing organizations to constantly improve upon their digital capabilities.

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