EMR 2.0

Start with usability – not technology – for EMR success.

Our Perspective

The industry track record for EMR adoption has been uneven and the benefits have often fallen short of financial, operational and care delivery expectations. Implementations have been complex and challenging, taxing clinicians with bloated IT projects and causing significant operational disruptions. Too often, EMR implementations have focused heavily on technology as opposed to clinical usability, resulting in intrusive solutions that have created additional administrative work at the cost of reduced time spent on care delivery.

And yet, despite these headwinds that have plagued the first wave of EMR implementations, the need for clinicians to deploy a standardized, interoperable EMR has never been greater. In the coming years:

  • Care will be delivered increasingly outside the walls of traditional physician settings
  • Focus on care coordination will be paramount, with emphasis on outcomes-based care
  • Healthcare will become more mobile with the proliferation of tablet computing
  • Meaningful Use provisions will directly impact physician reimbursement
  • Consumers, the fastest growing voice in how care is administered, will demand greater transparency

These developments in healthcare highlight the growing importance of EMR data and the need for doctors to establish an EMR adoption strategy. The increase in home hospice, outpatient care and specialty care will drive the demand for electronic clinical data outside the walls of hospitals and traditional physician facilities. Consumers are requiring that their personal data be accessible and as portable as their health plan. Executed correctly, an effective EMR 2.0 solution will allow clinicians to focus more of their time providing care rather than on administrative tasks. T2C specializes in guiding you through the regulatory, operational and deployment challenges of EMR 2.0 adoption, from establishing a strategy and approach through operational deployment.

The T2C Difference

T2C is well positioned to help providers establish an EMR adoption strategy and maximize their ROI on existing EMR platforms. We bring innovative solutions in the areas of mobile applications, business process automation and management, data analytics, care coordination and interoperability to augment and enhance aspects of existing EMR capabilities. Our practitioners have deep strategy and implementation experience with major EMR players such as EPIC, Cerner, GE Centricity, and NextGen. That experience, combined with our best practices approach to systems implementation, makes T2C an invaluable partner in any EMR initiative.

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