Do not seek perfection. Prioritize your needs and reduce your risks.

Our Perspective

A date has been set – CMS has officially made the decision that the transition to ICD-10 will occur on October 1, 2014. Implications are significant for health plans and providers as ICD codes are embedded within core administrative processes and multiple systems and vendors. Organizations that have not started planning for this transition are behind and may need to develop an expedited process for transitioning to ICD-10. The challenge is that most healthcare organizations must balance this against other major initiatives which may include achieving Meaningful Use, developing coordinated care capability and implementing/optimizing their EHR. For those organizations with shortened timelines, success should not be defined as achieving a perfect transition but through how it is able to prioritize and address its needs within the given timeframe while minimizing risks. To be successful, organizations must strike a balance between a planned methodology and a practical, adaptive, thoughtful and creative approach for solving unexpected problems and complications.

The T2C Difference

T2C brings the experience to help shape how organizations implement ICD-10. For most organizations, the implementation period can be 18-24 months. For those just beginning to plan their ICD-10 strategy, T2C can develop an approach which prioritizes work around critical systems and processes. T2C brings a strong senior team of thought leaders and experienced practitioners in ICD-10 transitions. We have industry experts who have health plan and provider operations and systems experience in areas including medical coding, product and benefit design, claims and authorizations, and provider network management.

Along the way, we will work with you to answer tough questions such as:

  • What happens if your organization is not fully ready? What is the plan for mitigating risk?
  • How do you prioritize among contracts, systems, processes and training?
  • How do you thoroughly test all components of the transition while balancing resources against other high priority initiatives?
  • How do you work with vendors and other third parties to make sure these alignments come together in time?
  • For those organizations considering implementing computer-assisted coding, what are the tradeoffs for implementing this capability simultaneously versus waiting?
  • How will you deal with dual coding? What are the options and tradeoffs for your organization?
  • Do you have a plan in case components of your ICD-10 transition do not work as planned? Have you tested your back-up processes?
  • Do you have a training approach that is easy to understand and context-sensitive to its audience (e.g., so that an endocrinologist can train with materials that are appropriate to his/her needs)?

T2C has the experience and expertise to help. We can work with you to develop a plan specific to your organization and manage through that process. But you need to act fast to meet CMS’s October 2014 deadline. For more information on ICD-10, see the HIMSS Playbook.

Is your ICD-10 strategy on track?

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