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Our Perspective

In an increasingly wireless world, the ubiquity and power of more than 6 billion mobile devices hold tremendous potential for a more affordable, more accessible and higher quality healthcare system. Improvements in sensor technology, evolution of communication standards, and the expansion of high speed internet connectivity in both rural and urban areas are powerful enablers of seamless real-time information transmission among providers, caregivers and patients. Technology companies from Silicon Valley startups to multinational medical device companies have entered the mHealth marketplace with innovative mobile apps and solutions in the areas of wellness, chronic disease management and home health. More than ever, the promise of delivering “care anywhere” has become an achievable goal.

Companies will need to address several key challenges in order to capitalize on this opportunity. While there is no shortage of personal health apps on the market, none have been able to prove mass market appeal. Defining highly effective use cases and use models that garner sustained adoption has proven to be difficult. There is a growing need to carefully segment solutions into specific offerings of wellness and health, general chronic disease management and acute monitoring solutions. These segments have differing use models, risks, regulatory requirements and economic models.

The T2C Difference

T2C’s broad experience and understanding across the care continuum can help align business models and use cases, bringing these imaginative solutions to practical fruition. Our experience in reimbursement strategies, clinical integration, product development, EMR, and our pioneering work with payers, providers, medical device companies and health technology companies allow us to bring breadth and depth to our clients. We can bridge the gap between experts in technology and healthcare and deliver measurable results to your mobile health offerings from strategy through implementation.

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