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According to CMS, healthcare expenditures currently make up 18% of GDP and are expected to reach nearly 20% of GDP by 2021. Given this dire projection, the healthcare industry is being challenged to bend the cost curve and create better societal outcomes.

The size and complexity of the industry makes it difficult for even the largest players to develop and execute strategies in this continuously shifting landscape. For state and local governments, a key challenge is in how to interpret and administer healthcare laws mandated by federal and local legislative bodies. Examples like state insurance exchanges and health information exchanges highlight the complexity of setting up large statewide systems in aggressive time windows.

For health plans and providers, a key challenge will be how they adapt to ongoing pressures to reduce reimbursements even as costs pressures increase for an aging baby boomer population. For most organizations, bending the cost curve will required the development of new capabilities and an exploration of new operating models.

Life sciences companies and technology vendors will need to adapt to new regulatory pressures that will seek to control healthcare costs while improving outcomes. How will these companies adapt to grow in their markets while continuing to innovate in this environment?

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