Public Sector Healthcare

Our Perspective

Key partnerships, strong leadership and technology are critical enablers for delivering efficient operations and enterprise agility in a dynamic, regulated space. T2C experts will ensure your business meets industry standards and customer expectations. We work collaboratively with multifunctional teams to better understand current and emerging technologies and to get ahead of organizational and customer needs. T2C has industry thought leaders who offer decades of experience across county, state, and federal healthcare entities.

Our proven experience in operations and strategy, system evaluation and implementation, regulatory standards interpretation, risk analysis and compliance audits, and customer experience enable us to bring a full range of expertise to support government entities. We can work with you to answer the important questions, and help you achieve your goals.

Manage RFI/RFP Processes, Vendor Selection, and Vendor/Client Relationships

Evaluating application portfolios to inform capital investment enables organizations to support current needs and future growth. T2C can assess and inventory your systems portfolio to consider the current organizational applications suite. Should software acquisition or upgrade be required, T2C can assist every step of the way – from defining the business case, executing the RFI/RFP process, assessing and selecting vendors, implementing systems, to optimizing post go-live performance and process.

Lead, Design and Build IT Platforms and Corresponding Organizational Infrastructure

The healthcare industry requires advanced technology solutions to deliver accessible, collaborative, and culturally sensitive community healthcare. T2C has partnered with clients to create IT strategy, optimize IT organizational design and develop IT infrastructure. Teams have successfully created optimal workflows for new platforms, managed all testing, and conducted extensive end user training. Our work has enabled hospitals and communities to leverage technology that supports care coordination, health care quality, clinician mobility and interactive patient care.

Lead Rapid Change and Innovation as Interim Executive and Departmental Leadership

As organizations assess strategic goals, they may find themselves in periods of leadership transition. T2C can help fill these gaps by providing experienced executive and departmental leadership to define priorities, manage staff, oversee operations and align organizational activity. Supplementing your organization with our staff in interim leadership roles will transform a seemingly difficult time of change into a time of opportunity.

Assess and Improve Revenue Cycle Operations to Increase Revenue Capture and Reduce Liability

Investing in optimization of revenue cycle operations can provide significant ROI for your organization. Top Tier’s revenue cycle specialists redesign processes to meet operational needs, develop more robust reporting structures, update departmental policies and procedures, and, most importantly, increase cash collections and decrease bad debt. Working with your team, we evaluate, organize and prioritize initiatives to improve financial outcomes, reporting, and data collections capabilities.

Analyze Big Data and Create Business Intelligence Reporting

Big data is improving healthcare analytics and the ability to track trends and patterns from multiple sources. Clients with effective data management and analytics systems can reduce costs and improve member outcomes. T2C has experience in managing data warehouse builds, designing and developing new data warehouses, managing technical development, and modeling staff. With T2C’s guidance, your organization will improve decision support capabilities and enhance reports and dashboards. Our team will partner with you to develop a customized approach to implement and sustain a system to process “big data”.

Increase Retention by Improving Customer Service

Customer satisfaction affects clinical outcomes, patient retention, medical malpractice claims, and operational agility, and is also an important indicator for measuring health care quality. It is critical to understand where organizations are making investments in consumer engagement by analyzing consumer research and assessing current customer service operational processes and technology. T2C has helped clients define strategic and investment priorities to improve customer engagement and satisfaction. T2C will collaborate with you to develop and implement a strategic roadmap that includes price transparency, consumer engagement analytics, and scalable relationship management solutions.

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