Health Plans

Moving forward in an era of healthcare reform.

T2C helps health plans thrive in a sea of change:

  • Government mandates and regulations
  • Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX)
  • New delivery models (ACOs)
  • Consumer-centric health plan demands

Health plans face enormous challenges today. The complexities of dealing with a maze of federal and state regulations that impose medical loss ratio boundaries, intricate and restrictive payment formulas for Medicare and Medicaid products and increasing demands for transparency and value are amplified by the need to prepare for the emerging individual market and leverage cost savings opportunities through participation in ACOs.

However, with the launch of Health Insurance Exchanges (HIXs) in 2014 where an estimated 12 million consumers will select individual health insurance, the future offers tremendous opportunities for health plans willing to embrace new technologies, products and services to attain sustainable advantage in the emerging consumer-centric marketplace.

Pacesetting health plans are developing innovative products that drive value and attract growth segments such as current and future retirees, health and value-conscious customers and the self-employed. They also are managing costs and improving outcomes by participating in ACO “shared risk” models and incorporating wellness and disease management programs into overall health management plans.

These transformations require investments in scalable and flexible enterprise systems. An insurer’s ability to segment and target preferred populations, price each plan appropriately based on risk and proactively help high-risk members manage their own health requires robust analytical tools harnessing rich data both internal and external to health plan’s systems. Key lines of business poised for rapid growth are strengthened by improved systems integration and automation.

In an era where health plans share the burden of transforming an unsustainable healthcare system, T2C offers healthcare industry organizations compelling business strategies that respond directly to these market conditions and provide a foundation for sustainable competitive advantage and growth.

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