Life Sciences

Business as usual isn’t an option.

T2C helps life sciences companies:

  • Evaluate market opportunities
  • Optimize research and development processes
  • Make informed decisions about R&D

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices and diagnostic companies are operating in a demanding and shifting market environment as pricing pressures, healthcare reform, industry mergers, loss of exclusivity, and compliance and investigative issues are amplified by the challenge of converting great discoveries and research breakthroughs into market success.

Successful life sciences companies introducing new products in today’s market understand the imperative to not only have a flawless safety profile and demonstrably better effectiveness, but also a clear understanding of the product’s value within the context of the changing healthcare delivery ecosystem and accurately predict how factors could potentially influence product utilization and adoption. In an era of bundled payments and accountable care organizations (ACOs), this requires understanding the product’s broader impact by engaging in a comprehensive outcomes conversation with care delivery stakeholders who have shared clinical and financial responsibility.

Additionally, pacesetting life sciences organizations are innovating through the increased use of analytics. “Big data” is providing opportunities to inform decisions regarding the value of current products and to make more effective capital development and allocation decisions around research and development (R&D).

Given the challenges of a today’s global healthcare market, being proactive to change is what gives companies the edge necessary to succeed. T2C has experience and expertise optimizing processes, operations and organizational structures across the life sciences value chain. Our work with life sciences organizations has increased productivity and contributed to top growth at the corporate, business unit and operational team levels in a number of life sciences sectors.

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