New models of care delivery are emerging.

T2C works with providers to improve what’s important in care delivery:

  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Transparency
  • Accessibility
  • Accountability

Provider organizations are forced to contend with a wave of challenges in today’s healthcare delivery environment. Rising costs, lower reimbursements, staffing shortages and regulatory deadlines are compounding the challenges of transitioning from an obsolete fee-for-service model to a value-based healthcare delivery paradigm that provides greater value for patients, improved quality of healthcare and reduced costs.

Despite these significant headwinds, forward-thinking provider organizations are driving efficiencies and achieving clinical and financial goals by adopting strategies that embrace emerging technologies and innovative business solutions.

Successful provider organizations are differentiating themselves by designing new methods of care—such as telemedicine to improve healthcare access and reduce costs and developing new clinical services that meet the needs of an aging population. Providers are exploring mobile technology to connect clinicians and improve patient safety and quality of care by better tracking assets, patients and staff.  Coordinated care opportunities are being realized through investment in technologies and processes that provide seamless and secure integration, exchange and sharing of information across integrated delivery networks.

Provider organizations also continue to leverage technologies to transform existing data into high-value information that improves clinical, financial and administrative decision-making, informs medical research and enables use of patient-centric and population-based data to deliver and demonstrate quality and the cost of care.

With an exclusive focus on healthcare, T2C has the expertise to help provider organizations assess emerging technologies and practices, align IT investment with their strategic, operational and clinical initiatives, and deliver solutions that achieve their goals.

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