Healthcare is like no other business.

T2C helps vendors navigate the complexities of the healthcare market:

  • Identify emerging opportunities
  • Assess product demand and adoption probabilities
  • Recommend differentiating product enhancements

Given sweeping government mandates to modernize and improve the US healthcare system, expectations of technology’s role in reshaping delivery systems and estimates that clinical healthcare IT alone is projected to grow from $7.4 billion in 2011 to nearly $17.5 billion by 2016, it is no surprise that vendors across a spectrum of industries are exploring opportunities to capitalize on the healthcare revolution and grow entirely new market segments within the healthcare industry.

But adapting a product for a new market is never easy. What worked in one industry may not work in another. The healthcare industry is like no other, and attempts to extend a product into healthcare can fall far short if there is a limited understanding of the industry and its regulations or a lack of strategic focus.

T2C has experience helping vendors understand the value of healthcare technologies and devise strategies that commercialize opportunities across an integrated evolving industry. We work with clients to identify technology differentiating factors and potential target markets, formulate new business models that are aligned with their vision, identify potential partnerships and perform due diligence to support regulatory approval and assess commercial potential. Contact T2C to find out how we can help you navigate the complexities of entering the healthcare market.

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