Business Intelligence

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Smart data. Smarter people. Where data becomes a tangible asset: T2C business intelligence.

T2C can help organizations:

  • Define metrics for success
  • Design scorecards and analytics
  • Develop reporting data
  • Advise on solution architecture

Business Intelligence

In the era of “big data,” the ability to quickly and accurately track metrics to guide strategic, tactical and operational decision-making provides a competitive advantage. T2C leverages a range of methods and solutions to help our clients build business intelligence (BI) capability to ensure regulatory compliance, optimize operations and anticipate changing consumer needs.

T2C can help work with executives and managers to identify key performance metrics and develop BI capabilities to achieve results. For some clients, this will include the development of dashboards and a reporting infrastructure. And for others, this will also include upgrading their analytic tools and capabilities.

Data Warehousing

Healthcare data is very large, very unstructured and proliferating at a dizzying pace. This creates a challenge for both data warehousing teams and BI users. Typically, the result is the proliferation of standalone databases and reports through the organization, developed and maintained by business users. This creates redundant data processing, inefficient resource allocation, and conflicting databases and reports.

Our data management and BI experts can help organizations rationalize their reporting data and data processes. We can help clients document their business and reporting requirements, develop their solution architecture, and design their data models and high-level data processes.

We also work with clients to ensure that data is being used effectively. We can partner with clients to create robust data governance to improve decision-making, ensure regulatory compliance, foster accountability and optimize overall staff efficiency. We can also work with clients to develop a strategy for data documentation, training and knowledge management.

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