Information Technology

Information technology is critical for enabling new capabilities and achieving operational efficiency. Let T2C help you find your optimal solution today.

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Our vendor-agnostic approach will help you:

  • Align with your business
  • Develop the solution
  • Assess and select technology vendors
  • Ensure smooth systems integration

IT Systems Assessments and Selection

With regulation and mandate deadlines fast approaching, healthcare organizations are being forced to upgrade their legacy systems. Unfortunately, many organizations do not have the time or expertise to conduct an independent and thorough assessment to select the right system.

T2C knows healthcare technology. We have experience with many solutions and immediately add value by helping organizations to appropriately broaden or narrow the search using our knowledge. We are vendor-agnostic. No two clients are exactly the same, so the selection should thoughtfully consider the unique needs of each organization to select the solution.

T2C has a proven vendor selection methodology that is thorough, fact-based and objective.  We begin with a thorough assessment of the client’s organization, business needs and existing technology architecture. We approach vendor selection as a project, using our methodology to create the project organization, identify the selection criteria and manage the process. During the selection, we leverage our subject matter experts to evaluate each vendor’s ability to support our client’s needs. Once the solution is selected, we work with the client to communicate with stakeholders, support negotiations with vendors, proactively identify and manage project risks, and plan for the implementation.

IT Systems Implementation

New government regulations are a major force driving healthcare organizations to invest in new systems. New systems can be expensive and intrusive. If implemented incorrectly, they can also cause costly disruptions.

From business requirements to solution design, testing to deployment, T2C brings an integrated perspective to every implementation. Our healthcare technology professionals have deep experience and are committed to delivering the right technology solutions. By combining our technical capabilities with our healthcare industry experience, we help clients solve their toughest issues.

Vendor Management

Vendor management has become a crucial function for healthcare organizations to achieve business and regulatory compliance objectives. Vendor partnerships enable healthcare organizations to leverage external expertise to lower costs, achieve superior solutions and allow internal resources to focus on the core business. However, without effective ongoing vendor management, healthcare organizations may not fully realize the benefits promised by the vendor arrangement. Over time, vendor operations may degrade or fall out of step with the organization’s needs. In some cases, organizations may be at serious risk of being out of compliance with new regulations.

T2C has a proven vendor management approach backed by extensive healthcare industry experience and established methods. We have designed and implemented successful vendor management programs to assist clients to realize the most value from their vendors. With our cross-functional expertise, T2C can develop and improve key areas of vendor management such as contract management, governance, risk management and vendor integration.

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