Healthcare organizations are under tremendous cost and regulatory pressure. To stay relevant, organizations need to embrace greater automation and use data-driven analytics to reduce costs and lead the market.

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Our small-teams approach to projects will help you:

  • Optimize organizational effectiveness
  • Drive project cost efficiencies
  • Proactively manage change
  • Minimize workflow disruption

Program / Project Management

When implementing any major program, the goal of project management is to effectively balance the key areas of execution — time, money, scope and people — while proactively managing change to minimize potential business disruption. Whether we are implementing our own strategies or helping a program get back on track, we apply our rigorous methodologies and tools to deliver projects on time, on budget and in scope.

We deploy small teams of highly experienced healthcare professionals who work closely with our clients. We provide a customized, integrative approach which ensures that project needs are met and our client is fully empowered to take charge at the end of our engagement. Our program and project management professionals have managed every stage of a project implementation.  We take accountability and responsibility for our clients’ success and work to make sure our solution meets your project needs.

Business Process Management

Healthcare organizations can utilize business process management (BPM) to reduce costs, increase automation and improve efficiency. T2C works across all levels of client organizations to identify opportunities to improve business processes and develop achievable roadmaps with detailed work plans to realize the changes.

T2C offers a combination of senior professionals, pragmatic approaches and innovative tools to deliver measureable results and practical long-term solutions for our clients. Our Six Sigma and Lean consultants can help clients align their organization and processes, and our experienced technology consultants can ensure that technology is aligned with BPM so that technology can support ongoing process management with a platform that allows for flexibility and business innovation.

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Business Process Redesign

Business process redesign (BPR) requires organizations to fundamentally rethink how they work in order to dramatically reduce operational inefficiency, improve the customer experience and become world class competitors. T2C leverages its BPR framework, tools and innovative best practices to identify, analyze and redesign critical business processes.

We assess the current state of each core business process based on interviews and supported by operational data, identify process boundaries and major gaps through the use of our process maps and tools, and engage client teams to define their future state vision. Using this vision, our experienced team works with the client’s functional leaders to design high-level future state processes and develop a roadmap and work plans to achieve the vision and goals.

Operations Improvement

T2C helps clients improve their operations on existing systems and as part of a new system implementation. Our Six Sigma and Lean consultants work with healthcare organizations to achieve scale and efficiency by leveraging our knowledge and decades of experience. In addition, our operational consultants bring extensive domain knowledge in each business function and supporting technology. For example, our claims experts have extensive industry experience managing and improving claims functions and have worked with many of today’s market-leading claims systems. Our practitioners have extensive experience in core health plan and provider operations.

In addition to Six Sigma and Lean methods, we leverage the T2C approach and toolsets to help you define your needs, identify opportunities, design and deploy processes, train users and measure your success.

Organizational Design / Change Management

As organizations work to improve and transform their IT systems and business operations, organizational design and change management are important determining factors for success. T2C believes that organizational design and change management should be integrated to the project rather than remain discrete activities that happen shortly after go-live. For example, clients can improve user acceptance of the system by engaging users early in the design process and involving them in the testing stage. In addition, we work with clients to develop an effective communication strategy. We use methods such as these to ensure user acceptance and proactively alleviate barriers to change.

Our practitioners bring experience and knowledge, which offers additional credibility and assurance for affected users. By collaborating closely with our client teams, we work to ensure that when our consultants roll off, they leave behind a transformed and prepared organization.

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