Strategy & Advisory

Realize true value through sound strategy.

Change is happening rapidly, and the days of building a 10-year plan are over – healthcare organizations need a nimble, flexible and realistic strategy.

T2C helps healthcare organizations effectively:

  • Develop business strategies
  • Market products and services
  • Maximize revenue
  • Reduce costs
  • Optimize revenue cycle operations

Business and Operations Strategy

New government regulations are challenging healthcare organizations to rethink current business practices to improve service and provide better quality at a lower cost. Meanwhile, innovation in medical and information technology is creating opportunities in what can be provided as well as challenges in how it will be delivered and reimbursed.

T2C’s strategy and advisory practice helps healthcare organizations respond to these challenges. Our strategists are industry thought leaders with extensive experience in strategy, operations and IT. Our areas of expertise include regulatory compliance and government payers, healthcare economics and reimbursement, business unit strategy (e.g., claims and revenue cycle), strategic planning, industry analysis, product marketing and cost reduction. In addition to developing your strategy, we can help you implement the strategy.

IT Strategy

Changing regulations. Mergers. ACOs. Mobile consumers. Legacy systems. These are some of the challenges facing healthcare organizations today. To respond, organizations need a robust, flexible and realistic IT strategy.

The landscape of technology solutions in the healthcare industry is vast and is as complex as are the business challenges that organizations face. So what are the right solutions for an organization’s business needs? Which vendors should the organization partner with, and how should they work with these partners to meet their business needs?

T2C enables organizations to ensure that their technology strategy is current and aligned with their business. We accomplish this through our experienced IT strategists and our IT strategy approach. We leverage our deep domain knowledge in healthcare information systems and our integration experience. With our knowledge of the technology landscape, we help clients plan a strategy and solution roadmap that works today and in the future. We also help organizations plan for a successful implementation. See what our IT strategy team can do for you.

Business Transformation

Healthcare is changing. So should your business. Market and regulatory forces are compelling healthcare organizations to develop new models to produce higher quality, improved outcomes and greater accountability at lower cost.

Many healthcare organizations have become adept at translating regulatory and market-driven requirements into solutions. These organizations have talented people who understand their existing systems and processes and, based on their knowledge, create solutions within their systems. This can be an acceptable fix in many cases but has some limitations. One drawback is that this eventually results in a patchwork of customized systems and process changes that create an administrative burden over time. Another problem is that this approach often overlooks fully integrated solutions which have proven benefits such as cost savings or operational efficiencies.

T2C’s business transformation team enables organizations to operationalize new systems and processes that enable organizations to meet market and regulatory requirements. Leveraging our experienced strategists, we work with senior leaders to develop a strategic approach to business transformation. Using our technology expertise, we help clients evaluate market-leading solutions and make better long-term investment decisions for the entire organization. Leveraging our expertise in business process redesign and change management, we help organizations transform themselves. And our experienced program management team partners with organizations to manage the risks and meet program objectives.

Can you respond to today’s healthcare challenges?

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