Our Values

Our Vision

We strive to make a significant and measurable impact for our clients on each engagement and are inspired to bring about positive change throughout the healthcare industry.

Our Mission

  • Help our clients refine and achieve their mission
  • Help people and the healthcare organizations they serve
  • Identify and explore real opportunities
  • Advise our clients on how to maximize revenue and improve their bottom line
  • Assist our clients with the business of healthcare

Our Principles

Stay independent and objective
Our experience provides our clients with an independent perspective of how other healthcare organizations compete and succeed. Armed with an objective viewpoint, you will be equipped to identify a path that optimizes the value and resilience of your business.

Use a fact-based approach
Every organization periodically faces critical and complex issues that test its resolve and mettle. Helping you respond to these challenges is our business. T2C takes an independent and fact-based view of a client’s performance. This approach provides clarity, aligns people and leads to credible and practical solutions.

Provide thoughtful leadership
We are committed to bringing thought leadership and insight to our clients. We also play a central role in reviewing and setting healthcare strategy across the industry. We support this process by publishing our findings to benefit healthcare businesses and government leaders.

Build client capabilities to sustain improvement
We work with our clients as we do with our colleagues. T2C is focused on building capabilities and leadership at every level at our clients’ organizations. This helps build client success, overcomes barriers to implementation and achieves tangible, realizable benefits.

Build enduring relationships based on trust
We strive to be a trusted client advisor by delivering consistently high levels of service and through our professional conduct. T2C is focused on delivering world class results to our select clients – we will not accept an assignment where we cannot add sustainable client value.